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Kobweb is an opinionated framework built on top of Compose for Web. It includes everything you need to build rich, dynamic websites, as well as web applications, while being able to leverage the greater Kotlin ecosystem.
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Welcome to Kobweb!

Create rich, dynamic web apps with ease, leveraging Kotlin and Compose for Web
fun HomePage() {
  Column(Modifier.fillMaxWidth(), horizontalAlignment = Alignment.CenterHorizontally) {
    Row(Modifier.align(Alignment.End)) {
      var colorMode by rememberColorMode()
        onClick = { colorMode = colorMode.opposite() },
      ) {
        Box(Modifier.margin(4.px)) {
          // Includes support for Font Awesome icons
          if (colorMode.isLight()) FaMoon() else FaSun()
    H1 {
      Text("Welcome to Kobweb!")
    Row {
      Text("Create rich, dynamic web apps with ease, leveraging ")
      Link("", "Kotlin")
      Text(" and ")
      Link("", "Compose for Web")

Why Kobweb?

Build your Compose for Web apps quicker and easier
Page RoutingAnnotate a composable method with @Page to make it a route
Server API RoutesAnnotate methods with @Api to generate server API endpoints
Live ReloadingAn environment built from the ground up around live reloading
Light and Dark UIBuilt-in support for multiple color modes
Component librarySilk is a UI layer included with Kobweb and built upon Compose for Web
Component stylingPowerful and simple API for defining and overriding styles
Shared TypesShare rich Kotlin class types between client and server
Markdown supportOut-of-the-box Markdown support
SEO-friendlySupports static site exports for improved SEO
Font AwesomeSilk includes support for Font Awesome icons
Compose extensionsAdds familiar Modifier, Box, Row, and Columns concepts to Compose for Web
Open sourceAn open source project built with a friendly license and a welcoming community

Kobweb CLI

Kobweb CLI provides commands to handle the tedious parts of building a Compose for Web app, including project setup and configuration
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